Image Apprentice
We know that the best scientific algorithms are designed in the academic environment of the universities. Image Apprentice facilitates you by simplifying your learning curve.
ADISL's Image Apprentice is a Microsoft® Visual C++ based Image Processing Learner's Toolkit. Students use it as a companion to their favourite Image Processing Textbook. It allows one to use self-written image processing algorithms as plugins.
It comes with a Plugin Development Kit (PDK) that has a skeleton code having a simple coding style. A student who has attended a 101-level course in C/C++ programming is well-equipped to write an Image Processing plugin for Image Apprentice using Microsoft® Visual C++.
A Brief Note on History - Introduced for the first time at IIT Kanpur in 2006 as support software for classroom courses in Digital Image Processing (Course titled SE-366; Instructor: Prof. Dr. RKS Rathore), Image Apprentice became a day-to-day utility in the Image Processing Lab generating a liking by students and interns alike. Their feedbacks and comments surely played crucial role in Image Apprentice reaching its current stage.
Awards - Image Apprentice was the 1st runner up in India's largest IT Exhibition - Infocom 2006 under 'The Telegraph Knowhow Innovation Hub' catagory.