Cluster based Thesholding Techniques
By Ritesh Prakash, Sanchit Saraf and Utkarsh Anand, July 01, 2008
This plugin implements a C++ version of some Cluster based thesholding techniques as an Image Apprentice plugin.

This plugin discusses Clustering-based methods, where the gray-level samples are clustered in two parts as background and foreground object, or alternately are modeled as a mixture of two Gaussians. It discusses Riddler Thresholding, Yanni Thresholding, Otsu Thresholding and Kittler Algorithms (see code and pdf link for details). Reference: ; Mehmet Sezgin and Bülent Sankur, "Survey over image thresholding techniques and quantitative performance evaluation" Journal of Electronic Imaging 13(1), 146–165 (January 2004).   

About Author
Ritesh Prakash, Sanchit Saraf and Utkarsh Anand
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, IIT Kanpur, India